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East Twenty Three

Culture Redefines Brands.

Our work solves brand problems by injecting them into culture.

 We're a global brand   consultancy &or creative   agency | You decide +

Our present world is turbulent; complex and at times, anarchic. Fractured by domestic indifference and international divide.


Brands create moments; experiences that influence coherence, emotion and gracious relief from the noise.


We compose narratives that forge belief systems; we humanise and solve brand problems.


We connect brands with the world.



Balancing commercial agenda with cultural integrity is one of the most delicate situations businesses face today.

To challenge the rules of engagement, you don't just have to think different, but you must DO different too.


We dismiss the generic and seek out the extraordinary; we're allergic to the mundane – we're here to proclaim the unconventional. We open the doors that you didn't know to ask us to open.

A remarkably powerful família. Each partner has a stake in us, which makes them utterly invested in you. 

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We use street-level thinking to help you move at the speed of culture 

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