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We're the ones that mother warned about.



We are the brand consultancy that can double as your agency. Simplified; we consult &or create.

The paradigm has shifted. The New World Order is in play, and conspiracy theories aside, we believe the brand revolution is only just beginning.

We understand the eco-system has changed, and we know that corporate in-house services are on the rise. We also know that the media landscape has taken a turn beyond all recognition.
This is no longer a 'Mad Men' era, controlled by conglomerate ad firms. This is the age of collaboration, cooperation and diversity, with a focus on the unique dynamics of a brand.


The truth allows us to put pressure on any subjective sentiment you have towards your business or brand and turn it into actionable insight. Considering things with the same passion as you; just a little more objectively.

Ultimately, we unearth the relevance of your brand to influence the most effective form of execution.

In an age where Netflix can win an Emmy, and the dynamic rhythms of culture dictate, 'well, just about everything. Our clients' hunger for creative and often, courageous thinking.


Creativity is the game-changer, but we know we can't address this by living in a ringfenced arena producing the same generic BS' as everyone else. We instinctively seek out the rule breakers and the difference-makers to amplify brand messages.

People hate advertising; it's a fact. Our goal is to create content that works, intensifying your in-house potential through a collaborative approach; challenging the rules of engagement and bending over backwards to move you, while everyone else stands still.

a new agency model

for the new brand age

The East 23 Partnership

A conceptual and multidisciplinary culture, where everyone is invested with chips at the table. An unapologetic collective of artists, creatives, directors, photographers, storytellers and sub-cultures.


Genuine and organic; a global adoptive family, united by a common purpose; to be more human; to be an inspiration.

viva la revolutión

Image by Rafael De Nadai


Modern Day Mad Men

Our work comes to life through the distinct blend of intuition and insight, powered by people who love what they do.

VIVΛ™ a collective; an ideology: a família; a brand revolutión.

A new breed of extremism; radicalisation possibly?  A positive one, an organic one, au naturel! We are, after all, global citizens.


We are your anthem, your beating drum, your global voice. We are your fight. We are your flight. We take pride, we cry. We are apolitical. We are counter-culture politicians. Follow us if you will. If not, follow something; or at least believe. We are blasphemous. We are apologetic. We are heroes and villains. We're you, we're me, we're I, we're us. We are the revolutión, the resolution, the anarchy, an uprising. Infinitely associated yet thousands of miles apart. We are the connective tissue. We are the instigators of social change. We are the peace of mind that is unbowed by status, religion, sex, race, language or any other label. We are here to turn up the volume, but filter out the noise.  We are what you like, we are what you do. Friday we are boardriders. Monday, we are board members. We are all different. We are all the same. We are masculine. We are feminine. We are a community. We are a vision.

we are all citizens of the world

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